I’m Jeremy Redman – entrepreneur, speaker, author and consultant based in Los Angeles. People and relationships are my go-to. I love talking to people and day-trading stories.

I founded a company called AirFive, where we aim to build new relationships and strengthen current ones – all over drinks.


I started a YouTube channel – Not Boring Business – to discuss my out of the box takes on business topics.


Initially I used the groups and colleges I spoke with to focus-group my products, peppering in community and connectivity. This led to my seminar BLAST™ (Body Language And Small Talk), a framework for first impressions – twinkle twinkle big star.

I write from time to time, guest writing on some sites and self-publishing my ebook, The Not Boring Board — check it out. I think it’s a good read. 

I consult and coach individuals and startups in operations, finding more efficient ways to grow both revenue and free time. I start with discovering and then plugging the holes of inefficiencies.

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Not Boring Board

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